Kostas Legals is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for all of its clients' legal problems. The partners and their qualified staff of associates take a hands-on approach to each case. The attorneys are responsive and proactive, working only in each client's best interest to achieve excellent results.

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In dealing with the legal affairs of our clients who are mostly owners of corporate businesses, our firm, Kostas Legals applies the principle of Extraordinary Perception and Skilled Procedure® as a cardinal policy in its approach when representation is made on their behalf on numerous business matters, weather it is in Greece or anywhere else in the world.

As a matter of policy, hard work and peculiar dedication to our client’s affairs, at very affordable costs, are the services and core values which the group of partners have striven to provide unilaterally, from small to medium and large scale businesses and corporations. At Kostas Legals our orientation is to make a difference by providing those solutions that are not only distinguishable but also impeccable to our numerous clients.

With the main office located in the central business district of Athens in Greece in a high-rise building overlooking the mountain peaks and parks with an advantageous view of the city sky line, Kostas Legals also maintains a counsel office in the city of Thessalonikis. Although, the firm has its practice concentrated mainly in the areas of business law, commercial litigation, Trust & Will, as well as Franchise Law, Kostas Legals also has a dedicated office for real estate law with the clientele base ranging from home owners, real estate entrepreneurs to owner of large industrial estates and related issues in the economy. Kostas Legals is also involved in the writing and execution of wills, trusts and agreements both for individuals and corporations.

Who We Are

Kostas Legals is a reputable law firm possessing all departments as an efficient and successful provider of quality legal services in Greece. We look forward to continued success in building on our existing client relationships and establishing new ones. Representing investors, securities industry participants, business entities and individuals, Kostas Legals provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet the challenging needs of our clients.

We represent clients throughout Greece and abroad, offering sophisticated and cutting-edge legal advice and solutions on transactions and business agreements. At Kostas Legals, our legal team of professionals have the knowledge, experience and resources to protect our client's legal rights as we pursue compensations due them for injustices meted out to them by unscrupulous business activities and elements. For our business litigation clients, we draw upon our 25 years of experience in litigation, our extensive legal skills, and our renowned reputation for effective legal confrontations of large corporations and business concerns on behalf of our clients.


What We Offer

Kostas Legals was created with one goal in mind: to provide the best representation possible for our clients. That may sound simplistic, but it isn't. Law firms should be client-service organizations. But some lawyers have lost touch with that essential reality. We haven't, and we never will. Our clients come to us with problems, and it is our responsibility to find the best possible solutions to those problems. Our team members are accessible to our clients. Our team members are professionals, and they stand ready to address your problems anywhere, and at any time.

Kostas Legals corporate finance, securities and business law group handles a broad range of business, mergers and acquisitions, and securities matters relating to all forms of business organizations. We assist our clients in structuring their companies and in negotiating transactions with third parties. This includes advice on the most efficient form of start-up business entity (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, etc.), as well as drafting agreements among the founders of the business, including shareholders, limited liability and partnership agreements.

We provide a full range of services for issuers and underwriters from structuring transactions to consummation of initial public offerings, follow-on offerings, shelf offerings, debt financings, PIPEs, registered direct offerings, spin-offs, joint ventures, reverse mergers, APOs and other sophisticated mergers and acquisitions. Once public, we provide a full range of advice to our clients, including securities compliance work such as preparation of annual and quarterly reports. We also advise companies, compensation committees and executives in employment and compensation matters, including employment agreements, performance-based long term incentive awards and stock-based benefit plans. Representing investors, securities industry participants, business entities and individuals, Kostas Legals provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet the challenging needs of our clients.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide prompt and effective legal services. We have been successful in doing this for both large and small corporate clients in Greece. Years of experience, up-to-date knowledge of today's case law, and our aggressive posture enables us to obtain positive results for our clients. When a small business or large corporation is the target of deceptive or fraudulent business practices, then individuals, industry professionals, and corporate executives can sustain substantial losses as a result.


The Law Firm of Kostas Legals is a general practice law firm with focus on business and commercial law matters and providing a complete range of legal services to foreign and domestic entities, organizations and private clients.

With an aim at international affairs and businesses, We at Kostas Legals extends our entrepreneurial approach to client issues beyond in-depth analysis and comprehensive solutions by offering both personalized and customized professional representation based on fundamental values such as know-how, experience, pragmatism and efficiency

Greece May 6, 2012 - Kostas Legals Elects Two Counsels

Kostas Legals announced today that it has chosen two new counsels for the firm effective May 6, 2012. The attorney promotions are in key practice areas for the firm, as well as government contracts, white collar criminal defence, corporate and securities, and antitrust/competition. One of 2012
Kostas Legals publicized today that a patent litigation team of 13 lawyers will join the firm's Athens and Thessalonikis offices for the duration of Greece Patent Case. The group brings extensive experience to Kostas Legals current team of patent litigation lawyers and will increase its intellectual property practice in the firm. The group has extensive technical and scientific information in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and life sciences sectors. The team will be fully in place by July 16.
Selling Products and Services to Governments in the Europe
Date Apr 9, 2012
The Europe public procurement market is becoming more and more attractive to U.S. companies. Governments at all heights in the Europe will invest an expected 10 million Euro in government contracts in 2011. This special event, hosted by Kostas Legals, will provide an ideal opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on key up-and-coming issues in Europe public procurement law.

International experts, including qualified attorneys from leading Europe firms in the area of government contracts, will discuss drawbacks and opportunities when entering the Europe market. The session will focus on the new Europe Defence Directive, which will slacken and complement the Europe defence market when the directive enters into force in August 2011. The program will also evaluate bid protests under the Europe rules, and the Europe's Commission's pending plan to reform the general procurement rules.
The new counsel is a resident in Greece

Prominent Patent Litigation Team to Join Kostas Legals in Athens March 14,


The Law Field That Also Builds Businesses

A Comprehension of Franchise Law alone is not enough. Law firms must also have a franchise lawyer that understands the operation of the franchisor-franchisee relationship as it impacts their industry and business. To truly guard and help their business, Kostas Legals first learns the peculiarities of individual businesses — the nature of franchise or franchise systems, competitors, and objectives. Through vast knowledge and experience, our franchise attorneys have broad understanding; Kostas Legals can help meet very specific needs and business goals.

Kostas Legals 
is devoted to providing high-quality, cost-efficient solutions for all of its clients' legal problems. The partners and their competent staff of acquaintances take a hands-on approach to each case. The attorneys are responsive and positive, working only in each client's best interest to achieve outstanding results.



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is a national law firm serving the needs of business clients throughout Greece.
     Our franchise lawyers also provide experienced representation in franchise law matters.

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